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LEXT, P.C. is a Japanese patent firm located at Shinjuku Tokyo and managed by a partnership of Messrs. Motohiko FUJIMURA and Akihiko FUJIMURA who are all well-trained and experienced Japanese patent attorneys respectively having technical backgrounds.
LEXT, P.C. is formerly named FUJIMURA PATENT BUREAU, P.C. which has had based on FUJIMURA PATENT AGENCY being originally founded in 1974. The word "LEXT" is a newly created term implying "law", "language" and "technology" which are all important elements for the international patent practice.
LEXT, P.C. has about 40 years history having handled many patent cases in various technical fields such as semiconductor, telecommunication, optics, audio-video, software and automotive engineering.
LEXT, P.C. encourages its staff members to have staff meetings frequently so as to study and understand various changes in IP laws, Rules, Examination Guidelines and important Court Decisions not only in Japan but also in the foreign countries thereby providing our clients with excellent services.
Because of the inherent property of IP matters, our patent business is much dependent on international human relations and therefore our firm has continuously made volunteer-based activities to have private patent seminars for Japanese patent people time to time while inviting our foreign associates as speakers thereby assisting creation of human networks. Such seminars have been held at about 100 times within almost 20 years since 1993.

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IP News Revisions
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